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High resolubility
Soluble polysaccharide as a water-soluble soybean dietary fiber, can be confected hiper-10 percent water solution, But it has very low viscidity ,as a high quality stabilizer applied in acid beverage ,can stabilized suspended particle .

High stability
It's water solution is low influence by heatíóacid , salt, and it has very high stability.

High dietary fiber content
It has high dietary fiber content, around 75 percent by HPLC method. Be recommend that it is a perfect fiber material.

1,Stabilize and suspend protein molecule in acid condition
Protein molecule can agglomerate or depositing easily in acid condition, So it can influence the stability of the whole system, it can stabilize protein molecule in acid condition, at the same time it dose not increase the viscidity of the whole system, We can produce high guality and very stable product .

2,Emulsible functions
It has some emulsible functions too, It can be emulsifier and be applied in beverage and food products. For example :emulsion flavour etc.

Stabilizer in Beverages
It prevents protein particles from coagulating and precipitating under low ph conditions.Because the low viscosity, SSPS can be used as stabilizer for the light taste and no sticky mouth-feel acidic milkdrinks.

Inward package: composite food packing bags,25kg/bag;
Overpack: cartons, 25kg/carton

Ventilation dry storage, shelf life:12 months.
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