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Regulation and stabilization: analgesia, anti-anxiety, anti-convulsion, stabilization of blood pressure and anti-arrhythmia,epilepsy treatment, stroke improvement, activation of liver and kidney function, regulation of hormone secretion and of reproductive physiology.

Nerve nutrition: increase brain activity, promote brain cell metabolism, restore cell function, stabilize mentality, ease pressure, prevent from dementia, significantly alleviate depression and improve sleep quality.

Additional functions: excellent effects on the symptoms caused by cerebrovascular block, such as hemiplegia, memory dysfunction, child mental retardation and mental infantilism; the medicine dealing with uremia, sleep disorders and CO poisoning.

Natural GABA is internationally acknowledged as the 21st century health and nutrition supplement, Besides the ideal ingredient of green food and organic food in the 21st century, it can be brought the remarkable function on Cardiac and Cerebral diseases. GABA is the ideal health food and medicine for control and prevention of senile diseases. Daily intake of 30-50mg of natural GABA is benefit for health care. The meager amount of GABA can be made into capsule, soft capsule, tablet, powder and other forms of nutritional supplements with other plant extracts for the needs of various consumer groups.

Inward package: composite food packing bags,1kg/bag;
Overpack: cartons, 10kg/carton

Ventilation dry storage, shelf life:12 months
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