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1.What is the function of transglutaminase?

a. Improvement of the food texture: TG can improve the important properties of protein by catalyzing the formation of cross-links intra- and inter molecule of proteins. If the product is applied in the production of reformed meat, it can not only cohere the dogmeat together, but also attach the non-meat protein to meat protein with cross-links, thus greatly improving the taste, flavor, texture and nutrition value of meat products.
b. Improvement of the nutrition value of protein: TG can make the essential amino acid(such as lysine) of human bodies covalently cross-linked with protein to prevent the amino acids from being destroyed by Maillard reaction, which results in the improvement of the nutrition value of protein. Transglutaminase can also be used to introduce the absent amino acids into protein with unideal compositions. People in developing countries are especially interested in this aspect.

c. Preparation of heat-resistant and water-fast film: When the transglutaminase-catalyzed casein is dehydrated, a water- insoluble film is obtained. This film can be hydrolyzed by chymotrypsin.

2. General Application methods of Transglutaminase?

a,Pre-Hydration use: Pre-hydrate TG with cold water(< 5C), then add the solution to meat material, mixing fully, fill the mis into casing of mold, keep chilled(>0C) preferably overnight(min.2 hrs.) to complete binding. b,Sprinkle coating use: Coat both sides of binding surface of raw material evenly with TG, Form using a mold , keep chilled (>0C) preferably overnight(min.2 hrs.) to complete binding. c, Addition with Brine: In cases where brine can be absorbed by a meat product fairly quickly, TG may even be added to the brine before marinating. This would be the case when using low marinade levels or in muscle that absorb brine rapidly. Once TG is mixed with the brine or marinade, it should be added immediately to the meat and tumbled or mixed to incorporate. The product shuld be formed within 20-30 minutes of mixing TG with the liquid ingredients. d,Injection method: Although in some cases TG might be injected, it is not generally recommended for injection.

3.The point that should be paid attention to when using TG ?

a. Because the series of TG food additives belong to bioactive product, they should be air-tightly preserved under the condition of low temperature (below 10 oC) to avoid the adsorption of moisture and chronic contact with air. b. The enzyme should be equably dispersed in the reaction system. To the system that contains less moisture, it is advisable to first suspend the c. Since the dosage of TG is depending on the recipe and process of specific food, please do some test before using it. For further information please contact with our technical service.

4.Application of Soluble Soybean Polysaccharide in food product ?

It prevents protein particles from coagulating and precipitating under low ph conditions.Because the low viscosity, SSPS can be used as stabilizer for the light taste and no sticky mouth-feel acidic milkdrinks.

5.Introduction of Gamma-Amino butyric Acid (GABA)?

GABA, a kind of natural non-protein amino acid, is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system of mammal, whose about 50% central synapsises transmit signal by it. In addition, GABA plays an important role in the cerebral cortex, hippocampus, thalamus, basal ganglion, cerebellum and the regulation of bodys functions. With valid function of health care and obvious mechanism, our companys GABA is a non-GMO biological product, produced by new ferment technology. Its an irreplaceable ideal ingredient of functional food. The product is going on the market has filled the demestic gap and the technical craft is in the lead international advanced level.

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