• What's the functions of transglutaminase

    a. Texture of food. It can improve many important properties of proteins by catalyzing the cross-linking between protein molecules. If the enzyme is used to produce restructured meat, it can not only bond the broken meat together, but also crosslink various non meat proteins to meat proteins, which can significantly improve the texture, flavor, tissue structure and nutrition of meat products.。

    b. Nutritional value of proteins. It can covalently crosslink essential amino acids (such as lysine) to proteins, preventing the destruction of amino acids by Maillard reaction; It improves the nutritional value of proteins. TG can also introduce amino acids into proteins with unsatisfactory amino acid composition to enhance their nutrition.

    c. Form a heat-resistant and water-resistant film. After dehydration, the crosslinked casein by TG can obtain a water-insoluble film. This film can be decomposed by chymotrypsin, so it is an edible film and can be used as food packaging materials.

    d. Used for embedding lipids or fat soluble substances.

    e. Improve the elasticity and water holding capacity of food.

  • How to use Transglutaminase

    a.Hydrationmethod: Dissolve 1 part of TG to 3-25 parts of water for dissolution, add the solution to the meat, fully stir and mold it, and make the meat stick together after a period of enzyme reaction. Once the product is dissolved in water, it must be stirred with the meat and formed within 20 ~ 30 minutes.

    b. Sprinkle method: Sprinkle TG to meat. TG must be sprinkled on the surface of all meat products uniformly. The addition of TG and molding must be completed within 20 ~ 30 minutes.

    c. Add with brine: meat products can quickly absorb brine. TG can be added to brine first, and then added to meat products together. Shape the meat in 20 ~ 30 minutes.

    d. Injection method: this method can be used in the solution state, but it is not advocated.

    After the products are formed by the above methods, it is necessary to ensure that TG has enough reaction time to bond. After the reaction, the products can be frozen or heated.

  • Cautions of using Transglutaminase

    a. TG is bioactive products and should be kept under low temperature conditions (below 10 ℃) to prevent moisture absorption and long-term contact with air.

    b. The dosage of TG depends on the formula of food and its production process, which is determined by experiment before use.

    c. TG should not be mixed with oxidant.

    d. If you have any questions, please contact our technical service department.